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let's jam

I'm mags

I sing and play ukulele and help others find the joy of music through these magical tools. 

I believe everyone can find joy in playing music even if they never have before, and especially if they think they can't.

I've been following my passion for creating music by pushing past my biggest fears of sounding bad, making mistakes, having "everyone" laugh at me, and feeling stupid. 

And now - I help others do the same. 

Yes - you CAN learn the ukulele. Are you going to feel awkward, frustrated, and silly while doing it? YUP. 

Can you move through that and show up for yourself to get to a place of success and FUN? Absolutely. 

I can help you! 

I have digital courses for those who want to jam with me at home, I offer in-person lessons on my farm near Austin, TX, and I host a weekly in-person Jam Along session for uke newbies and enthusiasts of all levels. 


Image by Jornada Produtora



Start here to learn how to tune your uke, learn some basic strum patterns, master the basic 4 chords that will get you up and jamming, and play your first song!


Get my hottest jam covers in pdf form for easy printing AND videos of me playing each one so you can jam along with me in your own time and space.



Want some extra special attention and customized learning and homework? Snag some music lessons and join me on my farm while we work together to get you jamming.


Ukulele Jam Along


at Good Things in Lockhart, TX

Join me and a community of amazing uke jammers each week as we play through our Jam Along tunes together in a welcoming, friendly, supportive, and FUN weekly session.

Ukulele Jam Along is DONATION based and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Join us even if you're scared - especially if you're scared. ;)

See you Sunday! xo, mags


"Mags made learning the ukulele SO EASY. It was something I never thought I could do, until I had her teaching me tricks and skills while cheering me on the whole time."

"Uke Jam is the highlight of my week. I practice by myself all week in anticipation of all the fun we have together on Sundays. Mags is incredibly skilled at creating a fun, non-threatening environment for all learners."

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