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Want to take your healing to the next level? Join me for a private TAP!

These private sessions will allow you the chance to be held and supported in a one-on-one environment while I lead you through a custom EFT/tapping session based on your specific needs. We will use the powerful tool of Tapping to help release stuck energy, let go of unhelpful patterns and beliefs, calm your nervous system, upgrade your behaviors, and allow yourself to step into your next most powerful YOU. All while tapping, giggling, and growing with me by your side. 

The session is typically channeled as we go but often follows this pattern:

  • grounding, settling, releasing

  • talk through of issue(s) being addressed in this session

  • guided tap (call and response as we move through the tapping points)

  • integration planning/homewor

  • close the space

Buying a 2 HOUR BLOCK with me means we will likely have 2-3 sessions and will eat up the 2 hours as we work together and are guided by your needs.

I love working one-on-one with clients because the growth and unlocking is so powerful, graceful, quick, and we can make huge shifts together in just one session. 

  • 2 hr

    550 US dollars
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