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High level Healing
at home

Dandelion Fields


"Breakup." "Conscious uncoupling." "Going our separate ways." "Splitting the dishes." "Redefining the relationship." 

Partners. BFFs. Parents. Bosses. Jobs. 

If you're currently in transition in a major relationship - then you're getting a divorce.

And however you feel about that - relieved, awful, abandoned or excited - you probably need some support from your own best advocate.



Power workouts for your brain to keep you focused on positivity and growth.

Like, if your brain got up every morning and threw on neon sneakers and went for an arm-pumping walk around the block blasting Journey on the headphones.

Or if you started every day with a Superbowl halftime show featuring Beyoncé signing power ballads dedicated to you and your brain and your awesomeness.

So much better than sabotage, self-doubt and shitty, defeatist narratives!



You've got a lot going on right now.

A LOT of a lot. Deep change is hard work, you know?

So we're gonna cram all this mindset work into a single session. Yep, one soul-healing, brain-boosting hour of power designed to set you up with the practical tools you need to manage your mindset through divorce...

And beyond!

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Just $22!

Because peace of mind and deep healing are for everyone.

Dandelion Fields
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